We provide Professional Advice in respect of Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals, Rating and Compensation issues.

Rent reviews and lease renewals require not only expert knowledge of comparative property values, but also the negotiating skills of experienced practitioners. We negotiate reviews and renewals for both landlords and tenants and in each case our professional approach is based upon a first-hand understanding of the market, coupled with a clear appreciation of current business tenancies legislation and case law.

The firm advises clients on all aspects of rating and other property taxation, assisting particularly with issues arising from the statutory revaluation of commercial property for rating purposes.

McConnell Chartered Surveyors has considerable experience in dealing successfully with all aspects of claims arising from the acquisition of properties, either by compulsory purchase orders (vesting) or by agreement, by bodies with statutory vesting powers, whether for housing redevelopment, road and rail infrastructure improvements, or any other purpose.